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The most famous F1 race tracks in the world (Part 1)

The article below will review the race is rated as beautiful in the world today.

Monaco track in France

Monaco is not only famous for its splendid casinos, the most luxurious hotels in Europe, the luxury yachts of Russian billionaires but also in the world’s most prestigious race track.

Monaco racetrack officially organized Formula 1 racing in 1929. By 1950, Monaco racetrack officially became part of the world championship.

The highlight here is that the entire racetrack has no curb but only concrete walls or steel covering – which bring extremely strong feeling for the riders by the requirements of precise control, driving skills as well as adventure experiences. Along with the extremely diverse altitude, the maximum speed on the Monaco track is located in the … tunnel has created a very interesting experience not only for riders but also for viewers.

This is the race with the lowest speed of the year with the highest level of only 290 km / h, while the average speed is only 158 km / h. The road surface is narrow and often does not have many opportunities to overcome, so Monaco is a race that requires extreme concentration and ability to keep the calm of the racers. Just a little sketchy, the accident will happen very easily.

In the history of the tournament, Monaco has always been a race for real talent, not just vehicle technology. Incidentally, quite a lot of riders win at Monaco, they will gradually become the F1 leader. From Graham Hill, Jimmy Clark, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel.

Baku race track in Azerbaijan

The racetrack in the capital Baku was designed by famous architect Hermann Tilke, with a length of over 6km. The track will traverse the historic landmarks of the city of Baku.

One of the characteristics that make up the brand of this racetrack is the extreme bends. In particular, there are sections with a width of only about 7.6m and then a straight line of 2.2km long to the destination crossing Neftchilar Boulevard.

This can be considered to be the highest-speed street in the city, more than 360 km / h and is the second longest race in the current F1 racetrack, just behind the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack in Belgium with a length of 7,004 km.

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