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The most famous F1 race tracks in the world (Final part)

Yas Marina racetrack in UAE

Race master Hermann Tilke – truly created the masterpiece Yas Marina Circuit. Firstly, it is one of the few routes in the annual calendar that runs counterclockwise. The second highlight is the race that runs along the coast, bypassing dunes, lavish marinas, water parks, residential areas and unique structures such as Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi.

Yas Marina has a length of 5,554 km with 20 corners (9 on the right and 11 on the left). In addition to the anti-clockwise direction, the race here takes place at a very special time: the race will start in the late afternoon and electric lights installed on both sides of the track will be used. when lighting conditions are not enough.

The first part of the track is composed mainly of high-speed turns, followed by two long straight lines connected by sharp corners and finally the low and medium speed corners close together.

The maximum speed can be achieved in the straight line at around 320 km/h while the average speed is only approximately 200 km/h.

Yeongnam racetrack in Korea

A product of German architect Hermann Tilke, the Yeongam racetrack consists of two basic parts: one is a street track, and the other is a 3,045 km long perpetual track. One of Yeongam’s most prominent features is the straight line running through the main auditorium to 1.2 km, the longest straight line in Asian racing. In addition, Yeongam is also one of the rare racing routes running counterclockwise.

With a total length of 5,621 km and 18 bends, Yeongam has enough mix of many elements including an extremely long straight line, many short straight lines and many types of bends from fast to slow. In theory, it will harness the power of the car and the driver in the most diverse way possible.

In general, like most other racetracks Tilke has designed, Yeongam is a diverse track, with high speed but also very safe.

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