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The most attractive racing events in the world (Part 1)

There are many racing events in the world, each of which has its own characteristics and attractions. Let’s check out the most attractive racing competitions in the world!

F1 (Formula One)

Formula One racing tournament is the highest car race for cars. Originating from French street races from the early 20th century, by 1950, the race was officially recorded at Silverstone (England). The name “formula 1” represents a series of technical requirements that racing teams and drivers must follow. From the beginning to the present, these factors change constantly to match the development of technology, as well as increase the attractiveness for the race.

Every year there are two championship awards awarded to the racing team and the driver. So far the world record holder is still Michael Schumacer with 7 times champion, there are 5 consecutive times since 200-2004. Ferrari is the team that has won the most championships. The track is built in separate zones, or in the street like Monaco (France), this is also the most important race of F1.

The average speed of the track is always over 200 km/h, the maximum speed is over 300 km/h. Pole position is the first starting position, before each official race one day, riders will join the race to win the pole position. F1 is a favorite sport and is tracked around the world by the appeal of speed, technology, and beauty after the pitch.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco’s F1 race was first performed in 1929 on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo (with a total length of 3,340 km).

In just a short time, it quickly became the famous F1 race and attracted the most media attention. The feature here is that the entire racetrack has no margins but only concrete walls or steel slats – which give the riders a very strong feeling because of the precise control requirements, driving skills as well as adventurous experience. Along with extremely high altitude roads, achieving the maximum speed on the track Monaco is at the stage. The tunnel has created very interesting experiences not only for riders but also for viewers.

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