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Lewis Hamilton won his sixth champion at F1 racing tournament (Part 1)

USA Second runner-up Valtteri Bottas in the US Grand Prix on November 3, Lewis Hamilton still has enough points to win F1 2019 two-race early.

With 18 points from second place at the Austin, Texas race, Lewis Hamilton achieved 381 points over 19 stages this season. Bottas is 67 points behind Hamilton, the gap cannot be leveled even if the Finnish driver wins a maximum of 52 points in the remaining two stages.

This is Hamilton’s sixth championship (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019), and the fifth title with Mercedes. He rose to become the second-richest racer in history, only one champion behind Michael Schumacher.

Needing a minimum of two points in Austin to win, Hamilton does more than that with a one-time pit strategy. Starting from fifth place (P5), Hamilton overtook Charles Leclerc after starting and Vettel breathed the smoke on Turn 5. He was the only driver in the top six who only needed once to the pit. This is a familiar tactic for Hamilton, when he has the ability to keep the best tire current race.

Mercedes has become the championship team 2019 after GP Japan, but they still keep in perfect shape. Bottas won the pole on November 2 and got off to a good start in the main race. The Finnish racer entered the pit twice, but managed to outrun Hamilton in round 52 thanks to the advantage of tires. This is Bottas’ fourth victory this season, after Australia, Azerbaijan and Japan. He certainly finished the season in second place.

Max Verstappen was an obstacle for Mercedes in the final rounds at Austin, but he didn’t get past Hamilton and had to finish at P3. The next two positions belong to Leclerc and Alexander Albon respectively. In the latter group, Daniel Ricciardo finished the goal before Lando Norris in about 0.4 seconds.

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