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Lewis Hamilton is just one short behind Michael Schumacher

And we also see a huge difference between Schumacher at Ferrari in the early 2000s compared to Hamilton at the present Mercedes. At Ferrari, Schumacher was considered the number one steering wheel by default, while Ruben Barrichello only played the role of a decoy for him.

In contrast, the Mercedes leadership openly let the two drivers compete with each other, not over anyone. The 2016 Nico Rosberg championship is a testament to that. But except that season, Hamilton has shown superiority compared to his teammates, from Nico Rosberg to Valtteri Bottas.

Who stopped Hamilton?

There is a “terrible” statistics about Hamilton in Mercedes. From the 2014 season to the present, he has won the stage to … 60 times, that is, each season has 10 times.

His current contract with the German team is still valid until the end of the 2020 season, and if he maintains his current form, Hamilton will surpass Michael Schumacher’s 91 championship championship record (he now has 83 ), as well as a record balance of world championships.

But to become the greatest, and most convincing, Hamilton will have to aim for the 8th world championship. No one knows whether he will continue to stay with Mercedes or move to Ferrari as rumors, because it is a The future is quite far.

It’s not a shame to change a winning formula, and currently Mercedes is unmatched in F1 village, so staying would be a wise choice. Besides, Ferrari is still counting on Sebastian Vettel’s experience, and the rise of young talent Charles Leclerc.

The question arises: Who can stop Hamilton next season? Certainly, Valtteri Bottas will still be the heaviest candidate, especially in the context that Mercedes does not have a policy of prioritizing steering. However, the “new breeze” Charles Leclerc also brings interesting competition, after the impressive 2019 season. In addition, can include Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

But Hamilton’s biggest opponent is probably himself. Modern F1 requires great physical strength and concentration, and that’s why after Damon Hill in 1996, no driver has won the world title after turning 35, including Schumi. legendary. Can Hamilton get past that piece of history?

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