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Lewis Hamilton 6th F1 champions: Hamilton is rewriting history

Lewis Hamilton is gradually becoming the greatest driver in F1 history. The Mercedes star has won the world championship for the 6th time, surpassing the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio, and only one record less than Michael Schumacher.

Valtteri Bottas took full advantage of the pole win to step up to the championship at the US Grand Prix, but that was not enough to slow down the crowning day of Lewis Hamilton. Finishing second in Texas, the British driver officially won two races early with 67 points more than the Finnish team.

Is he the greatest of all time?

Ever since Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes dominated F1, the audience has probably forgotten the presence of Sebastian Vettel – considered the successor to the legendary Michael Schumacher. And in the last few years, there’s a question that has always been asked at the end of the season: When will Hamilton surpass Schumacher to become the greatest driver of all time?

In fact, Hamilton is now no less than Schumi, even more in his presence, and it is believed that it is only a matter of time before he surpasses the German seniors in every statistic.

In more than two decades of competition (1991-2012), Schumacher has participated in 308 races, won the pole 68 times, won the podium (top 3) 155 times, won the 91st stage, and won 7 world championships.

For comparison, Hamilton has just competed for more than 10 years (from 2007), attended 248 races, won the pole to 87 times, won the podium 150 times, won 83 races, and won 6 world championships.

7 years ago, Lewis Hamilton replaced Michael Schumacher himself in Mercedes. And that was the best decision of his career. In the last 6 years, Lewis Hamilton won the championship 5 times, and came in second only once (2016, after teammate Nico Rosberg).

For the past 6 years, Mercedes has been the number one engine in the F1 village, from its competitiveness in terms of speed, to durability, as well as the excellent combination of an entire team, from the technical director, the mechanic. , to the steering wheel.

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