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Hamilton came close to the championship after victory in Mexico

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton won the first place at the Mexican Grand Prix racetrack thanks to a one-time favor in the pit.

Hamilton finished the goal in 1 hour 36 minutes 48,904 seconds after 71 laps, 1,766 seconds more than Sebastian Vettel and his teammate Valtteri Bottas 3,553 seconds. Charles Leclerc came in fourth, just after 6,368 seconds after Hamilton.

This is the 10th victory after 18 stages in this year’s Hamilton season, helping him balance the number of first place of the previous two seasons. This result helped the British driver widen the gap with Bottas to 74 points. In the next stage – the American Grand Prix, Hamilton only needs at least 52 points more than his team-mate driver to finish to win the sixth F1 championship.

On Tuesday, Hamilton was at a disadvantage when colliding with Max Verstappen between Turn 1 and Turn 2, causing him to fall to fifth. However, the logical and somewhat adventurous tactics of Mercedes, plus Hamilton’s talent, helped them win.

From the beginning of the stage, two SF90s of Ferrari surpassed. However, the Italian team miscalculated when forcing Charles Leclerc to give up the lead to return to the pit after the 15th round. Previously, Alexander Albon gave up fourth place to enter the first pit in the race which according to Bottas, every all riders will only change their tires once. Thanks to that, Hamilton climbed from fifth to second.

This leaves Sebastian Vettel in an awkward position due to the close contact of the two Mercedes cars behind. Round 23, when Hamilton returned to the pit and returned in fourth place with a set of hard tires, Ferrari called Vettel to change the tires. However, the German driver worried about losing the lead when returning so hesitated.

In lap 37, Bottas first entered the pit and returned in fifth place with a set of hard tires. Meanwhile, despite the advantage of new tires, Leclerc can not accelerate to create a safe distance with Hamilton.

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