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F1 racing has been delayed three more stages

The three stages of the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco were delayed due to Covid-19.

F1 racing 2020 has postponed six of the total 22 routes, including China, Bahrain, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco. Most likely, the season will start the earliest in the Azerbaijan leg in early June.

The delay of three races made F1 more difficult to arrange the schedule. Earlier, the leaders of the race decided to reverse the summer vacation schedule from August to March, April to have two more weeks to organize events at the end of the year.

Besides delaying the races, under pressure from the teams, F1 also delayed the launch of a new set of technical rules. This is a major factor affecting the professional aspect of the tournament, which is of interest to the teams. Initially, F1 planned to apply a new set of rules in 2021. But because the tournament was delayed and teams had to disband due to the spread of the disease, F1 had to postpone the time of applying the rule to next year. 2022 to allow teams more time to prepare.

F1 reverses the summer vacation schedule to March

F1’s annual summer vacation in August was moved to March and April to deal with Covid-19.

The F1 season is facing a major challenge after the Australian Grand Prix was canceled, and the Bahrain, Vietnam and China stages were delayed. The stages of Netherlands, Spain and Monaco also face the risk of not being as expected.

Shifting the summer break to a period when teams are shutting down because the Covid-19 epidemic is a way to take advantage of two weeks in August for the organization of delayed offsets – including the Grand Prix Vietnam. Racing teams are allowed to choose three weeks, instead of a two-week break like every year, in March and April for “summer breaks.”

Ferrari announced it would start the summer vacation on March 19, while Red Bull announced it would start on March 27. “We plan to host the 2020 season as soon as safety is guaranteed,” F1 stressed.

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