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F1 racing: Hamilton’s “Pole curse” and 11 years of aspiration (Part 1)

The Australian GP has always been a “healed a lot less” for Lewis Hamilton, although he has won the pole seven times but only 2 victories in his career. This year was no exception because teammate Valtteri Bottas had an excellent race. Let’s take a look at a few outstanding parameters in the last race.

The Finnish driver, Bottas, has made his fourth career finish at an F1 race, all of which has been since he switched to Mercedes for 2017. Not only that, Bottas also has a winning distance of up to 20.8 seconds, larger than the same figure in all races in 2018. The team that wins the opening stage is likely to take the throne at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, teammate Hamilton has had the fourth consecutive year to finish 2nd and this is also the 6th time in his career that he could not turn the pole into a final victory, a new record that he did not want to receive.

However, he has helped the “Silver Arrow” to win the first 1-2 at Albert Park since 2016. More notably, there have been 7 times the team that won such a record in Melbourne has won the season and The first runner is the champion that year.

One change this season is to give the racer who has the fastest lap of the race an extra point if he finishes in the top 10. For the first time since the 1950s, this scoring rule has been applied. Use the game to change somewhat. Bottas was the first to score a set point of 1, 25,580.

The remaining Podium belongs to Max Verstappen, the first time at Albert Park of young drivers since its debut in 2016. He is also the first non-Mercedes or Ferrari racer to appear on the podium in Melbourne since 2014 , where both McLaren Jenson Button and rookie Kevin Magnussen celebrated, and that was also the closest podium to this racing team.

Max also helped Honda get the first podium since the Canadian GP in 2008, when they were a racing team instead of just providing the engine as it is now.

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