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F1 racing blockbuster 2021 explodes early (Part 3)

As for Vettel, his choice for 2021 will be retired, continue to stick with Ferrari or find a new stop? According to recent rumors from the Spanish media, Vettel may be aiming for an official racing position in McLaren after the end of contract with Ferrari.

Marca newspaper reported that the German driver had contact with McLaren racing captain Andreas Seidl about his future. This information is even more solid when Vettel and Seidl have known each other since 2006, when Vettel was still an apprentice and tester at BMW Sauber, and Seidl worked at Hinwil headquarters, Switzerland of the racing team.

Toto Wolff also has an uncertain future

The two have remained in touch ever since, and in the context that McLaren will welcome the return of Mercedes from 2021, along with a change in technical standards, Vettel could be a goal they aim to.

In addition, the team has also invested heavily in vehicle development, with a completely new simulator system with the help of two experienced racers, Oliver Turvey (running in Formula E) and F2 Sergio Sette Camara steering wheel, E-sports steering wheel and Rudy van Buren simulator.

If Vettel arrives at McLaren, it is clear that one of the current two drivers must leave. However, with the high performance of both Carlos Sainz and rookie Lando Norris, along with their youth, will need to have “confidential terms” in the contract, the deal between Vettel and McLaren can be realized.

In addition, Marca newspaper also reported that Daniel Ricciardo, who is not sure about Renault’s future in F1, also made calls to McLaren.

It would be a surprise if Vettel ‘reunited’ with Seidl at McLaren

However, despite all the predictions, Vettel’s recent manifestations of those close to him or regularly present at F1 races said that he seemed to have no desire and plans to continue mounting. bundle with F1 in the coming years.

Eddie Jordan thinks Vettel will retire after 2020. After all, one thing we all believe in, Vettel will make a wise decision for himself and so will Hamilton.

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