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F1 racing blockbuster 2021 explodes early (Part 2)

Hamilton really intended to switch to Ferrari?

Talking about Wolff, his future in F1 in the coming years is still a big question mark because there are doubts about the long-term future of Mercedes racing team in F1.

Toto Wolff is rumored to take over a managerial position at F1 Liberty Media’s parent unit. “Toto knows the future of the German racing team is uncertain, and Lewis has not once mentioned Toto’s contract, an unusual behavior from an F1 driver.” Jordan said.

Ferrari has had a lot of unfortunate seasons in recent seasons but it is mainly the mistakes of the driver as well as the team tactics. Jordan thinks Wolff’s philosophy is what the “War Horse” is lacking at the moment.

They need a leader to steer the team, devise appropriate plans for each stage. However, for this deal to be a reality, the parties still have a lot of conflicts and conflicts of interest to resolve.

What happens if these two expensive “properties” return to the same “home”?

First of all, Ferrari is an Italian racing team that has its own tradition and philosophy, so it is not easy for such an accomplished brand to change soon.

Second, if Hamilton and Leclerc are in the same house, Ferrari does not want to let his rising young talent lose to more successful teammates, especially after what he has shown when competing against. 4 times the world champion Sebastian Vettel this season.

In addition, the latest move of the Italian racing team shows that they are not too concerned about these rumors. Ferrari and Leclerc have announced their contracts until the end of 2024, meaning they will work together for at least the next five seasons.

Ferrari clearly doesn’t need two steering wheels, but it will be an interesting situation when we see Leclerc fighting Hamilton in a car with the same power.

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