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F1 racing blockbuster 2021 explodes early (Part 1)

The 2020 season is still nearly three months away, but the transfer market for 2021, a time of great change in technical standards, has heated up since now. While the young drivers are likely to be retained by the racing team in the near future, the “generals” of F1 racing are leaving open to find new parking.

In the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, a remarkable information broke out, that is, the champion of Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton in 2019, met twice the chairman of Ferrari, he John Elkann.

Elkann has dual Italian-American nationality, who has a huge resume, including a number of positions such as the heir to take over Fiat Chrysler Motor Corporation and the chairman and CEO of Exor Investment Group. In July 2018, he took over as chairman of Ferrari after Sergio Marchionne left for health reasons.

Eddie Jordan is the founder of the Jordan racing team.

Many thought that Hamilton might leave Mercedes after the contract between the two parties ended next year, although both sides stated that the contract renewal is relatively high. Team leader Toto Wolff says there is still a 25% chance the champion will leave Mercedes to Ferrari.

Speaking about the meeting between Hamilton and Elkann, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said these are just social events that both have mutual friends there, not a private, private appointment between the two.

However, in the context that the team has one long-term contract driver, the other one will expire in 2020, so Camilleri will not deny interest in Hamilton or any other driver if they Intends to Ferrari.

According to the founder and owner of the Jordan racing team (active in F1 from 1991-2005), Eddie Jordan, he is certain that the British driver will arrive at Ferrari in 2021.

Jordan also suggested that if Hamilton left Mercedes, he probably would not leave alone, but dragged more people from Brackley to Maranello (headquarters of the two teams) by the end of next year.

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