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F1 racing betting – A chance to win the Ferrari double

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto insists they will persist in practicing the team’s commands to their drivers, although admitting it is ‘not easy’ for anyone involved.

Ferrari’s pitwall ordered Charles Leclerc directly during the Chinese Grand Prix race on Sunday when he allowed his team-mate Sebastian Vettel to pass him to take third, with the Mercedes’ Lewis and Valtteri. Bottas sweeps ahead.

The decision was made as early as the tenth lap in Shanghai and Binotto moved on to explain the thinking behind it, praising Leclerc for handling this call.

It was difficult for a team to give orders because we understood that riders need to fight to go ahead as much as possible, he explained about the race after Binotto.

This is certainly not an easy decision. I have to thank Charles, the way he behaves, once again showing that he is a good player in the team.

There will be times when the situation can be reversed simply. As a team, we need to always maximize team points and that I think we made the right choice.

Leclerc admitted to being ‘frustrated’ in his car when the order was completed in fifth place, although he suggested following a post-race interview that he accepted the decision.

Vettel, who finished 20 seconds after the third pair of Mercedes, said that both he and Leclerc knew that the team came first.

Priority is always in the team. Charles is aware, I know, that we are fighting for the team. We are fighting for our own race, coaching the world champion four times.

Usually, with these things is never pleasant, but that’s also what’s going on around, but we have so many races that only time will tell if we did something right or wrong.

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