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Daytona 500 (NASCAR) – one of the best American car racing ever

Unlike most of the regular series that held its most prestigious races in the middle or the end of the season, NASCAR’s “The Great American Race” was conducted first and was one of four important races. most of the whole series. Besides, this race is also strictly controlled both in terms of safety and competitive factors because of the long track and sharp turns.

All cars are fitted with Restrictor Plate – a device that limits the amount of air intake to the vehicle. Currently, the Daytona 500 with its total 500-mile race is the most attractive race in the United States with a higher number of viewers via television than any other.

In terms of competition, NASCAR racing cars are American-made cars and are subject to restrictions that make their performance nearly the same. Depending on the small tournament, these limits are slightly different.

Typically, the Sprint Cup (the race that most people refer to when NASCAR envisions it) will force the participating car to maintain at least three components from the manufacturer including the bonnet, ceiling and rear lid. The remaining details can be replaced. Even the headlights of the car can be removed and replaced by a simulation decal.

A whole detail of the tire must be kept as NASCAR allows cars to collide during racing and if there is no decent, letting the wheel touch each other can cause “catastrophes” racetrack. In addition, each one must ensure minimum external dimensions (eg 110-inch wheelbase). NASCAR tires are usually non-flowering – which makes them unable to run in the rain.

One thing interestingly, most of the cars in this tournament use V8 engines with large carburetors (for an average capacity of 750 horsepower) instead of using new generation assistive technologies. The exhaust filter, as well as the sound reduction, are eliminated to maximize the speed of exhaust from the engine, in addition, the cooling water pump system, oil pump, power pump, etc. are redesigned to be able to operate at extremely high speeds and temperatures over a long period of time.

As can be seen, NASCAR is the race that inspires the production of animated films. Cars with the main character Lightning McQueen.

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