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Carlos Sainz: ‘F1 does not depend on the driver’

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz was disappointed that the F1 track didn’t have enough good cars for the good.

“I hope one day McLaren will make a car for Lando Norris and I compete with Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc. It’s frustrating that F1 doesn’t depend on the driver. It’s not like running a 100m race – where people The best racer will win. The best rider often drives the best car. But the F1 village has many great riders, while there aren’t many good cars for them, “Sainz said.

F1 can change a lot since 2021. It is too early to confirm the future of F1 will belong to Verstappen and Leclerc. That certainly happens in 2019 and 2020. But two years from now, the riders. can compete fairly. Verstappen needs the weather, the advantage, the peace to win one day. The current status of F1 is like that, “the 24-year-old racer added.

The Spanish rider took an example from compatriot Fernando Alonso. Considered one of the best riders in history, Alonso won the championship twice (2005 and 2006). “Alonso is not inferior to any racer, but his title is less. He must drive a car that is not competitive enough for the championship, for most of his career,” he added.

Sainz got 53 points when he played for Renault last season. Switch to McLaren, the Spanish driver scored 58 points, after only 12 stages. He was only five points behind Pierre Gasly – the Red Bull rider had to come down to play for Toro Rosso, although the MCL34 was underestimated than RB15.

F1 introduces the 2021 model car

The car has a rate of 50% of the original published by the World Motorsports Association (FIA) on August 22. 

A noticeable change in F1 cars in 2021 is that the rim diameter increases from 33 cm to nearly 46 cm. F1 will use thin-profile tires (low-profile tires), for easier heating and better grip. The nose shape is similar to the design of the 1990s, but thin tires will give a modern feel. The aerodynamic parts are adjusted to increase the chance of overtaking the vehicle behind.

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