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8 of the world’s most fierce car racing (Part 1)

Not only showing off speed, endurance test and stamina of people, car races always contain fierce battles.

Bathurst 1000

The largest race in Australia with a blend of NASCAR speed racing and Le Mans side. This race is conducted on narrow tracks so there are many collisions. The total length of the race is 1000 km on the top of Mount Panorama.

Finnish Rally

This is the largest race in Northern Europe with the participation of hundreds of thousands of riders. This race is famous for the pretty roads but there are many difficult bends and beautiful flying scenes.

In 2003, driver Markko Martin set a record for the longest jump to 57 meters with a cruising speed of 171 km/h at this race.

Nürburgring 24 hours

The racing cars are very diverse in design as well as brands, from ordinary streetcars to GT3 specialized sports cars such as Porsche 911 GT3 or Schnitzer BMW M3 GTR V8, etc. Each racing team usually has at least 2 riders and can only change the steering after at least 150 minutes of competition.

Similar in style to the Le Mans tournament, the 24-hour race at the Nurbugring is also geared towards challenging the enduring performance of many different cars at the same time. This race is held on the famous German track with a track length of 15.7 miles (over 25km) including the F1 stage of the Nurburgring and a part of the regular street.

Dakar Rally, also known as Paris-Dakar, is the largest terrain racing in the world. This race is very special when the racetrack is complex roads and competing riders can use any type of vehicle, from cars, motorcycles (including 4-wheel motorcycles) to trucks. In addition, the race is open to all subjects from amateur to professional.

Typically, the race lasts more than 2 weeks, with each race being calculated on a day over a distance of more than 100 miles (about 160 km). However, there are also the longest day races that can reach 500-600 miles (equivalent to 800-900 km).

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