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8 of the world’s most fierce automobile race (Part 2)

Dakar Rally

Dakar Rally, also known under the other name Paris-Dakar, is the largest terrain racing in the world. This race is very special when the racetrack is complex roads and competing riders can use any type of vehicle, from cars, motorcycles (including 4-wheel motorcycles) to trucks, etc.

In addition, the race is also open to all subjects from amateur to professional. Typically, the race lasts more than 2 weeks, with each race being calculated on a day over a distance of more than 100 miles (about 160 km). However, there are also the longest day races that can go up to 500-600 miles (equivalent to 800-900 km).

Indianapolis 500 – Indy 500

It is one of the 3 largest and oldest racing races in the world. The race is held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (USA). Not only famous for the fierce in every race, but Indy 500 is also remembered by the public for a very tough request, that is to pass the test run, but candidates must also reach a speed of over 350 km/hours.

At each race, drivers will have to complete the 800 km (500 mile) course for each 4 km (2.5 miles) lap. The current speed record belongs to Arie Luyendyk, established in 1996 at more than 385 km / h. An interesting tradition of the Indy 500 is that winning riders often kiss the finish line and then receive a congratulatory bottle of milk.

Formula 1

F1 is recognized as the world’s fastest and most expensive racing mode to date. The race has always been a big event, with millions of people watching it, whatever the race takes place in any country on earth. The first F1 season was held in 1950 and advanced. have been operated annually ever since. Vehicles participating in this racing mode are applied the latest technology and can reach speeds up to 384 km/h

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