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10 most catastrophic accidents in adventure racing history (Part 1)

These accidents have claimed the lives of famous riders and changed the car racing history.

10. Scott Kalitta

Scott Kalitta has won the Top Fuel twice (400m), and was the first to win both Top Fuel and Funny Car, two competitions of the same Drag Race. However, in June 2008, Kalitta died in a trial race.

The engine of the car he drove caught fire and exploded as the car neared its destination. The parachute mounted in the car did not open and Kalitta’s car lost control of the car before crashing into a concrete wall at 300 mph.

9. Bruce McLaren

His last name was given to the McLaren team, the most successful F1 racing team in history. McLaren has never won F1 but he’s a great racer. In the 100 races each attended, he won 4 victories. In 1963, McLaren founded his racing team to this day.

The most impressive achievement of his career was in 1969 when McLaren won all 11 races in Can-Am (Canada-America). However, a year later, McLaren’s Can-Am crashed into a flag pole while he tried a new car, and the famous driver permanently died at the age of 32.

8. Roland Ratzenberger

A brain injury has claimed the 33-year-old’s race in the San Marino Grand Prix. His car derailed the race at the penultimate lap, but instead of going to the pit stop to fix it, Ratzenberger continued because he had a chance to win the championship.

The speed of the car caused the front wing of the car to break and fall to the wheel, causing Ratzenberger to lose control before crashing into the wall outside the track at 195 mph (314 km / h).

7. Joe Weatherly

The king of the clown of NASCAR race attended 230 races in 12 years of competition and won 25 times, to the top 10 of 153 times and 18 times to win the pole.

In 1964, Weatherly died while still in the NASCAR championship while a moment of loss of control, Weatherly’s car crashed into the wall. It is known that Weatherly’s head directly collided with the wall and killed him immediately.

6. Eddie Sachs

Sachs has a famous saying: “If you don’t win, be special.” In an Indy 500 race that took place in 1964, Sachs died after Dave McDonald’s car caught fire on the track and crashed into Sachs’s car, causing an explosion.

Sachs suffered severe burns and died in the hospital. This accident caused the Indy 500 race to switch to methanol gasoline from then on.

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