Why Getting Extended Coverage Is Your Best Warranty Option

Why Getting Extended Coverage Is Your Best Warranty Option

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Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Royal Protection Auto offers the most flexible and affordable payment plans. The staff members of Royal Protect have decades of experience in automotive repair as well as claims. Having a protection plan in place helps customers avoid the costly expenditures a customer would have to incur.

The Royal Protection Plan Auto Warranty allows customers to choose where they would like to get their vehicle serviced and Royal directly pays the repair facility. The coverage doesn’t require customers to take their vehicle only to specific repair shops. All that the repair facility needs to do to begin the process is call Royal to file the claim. Regarding claim costs, the better the condition of the customer’s vehicle, the lower the cost of the claim will be.

An extended automobile warranty is also known as an extended service program or service contract. This is the best way for a customer to protect themselves against unforeseeable and costly repairs. The extended warranty takes effect after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Although, a customer is able to cover their vehicle with an extended warranty even while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect. A customer has the option of doing this to get additional coverage that they may not otherwise receive in the manufacturer’s warranty. Royal Protection Plan coverage will address nearly all issues that can arise with a customer’s vehicle.

A number of unexpected incidents can happen on the road and having a protection plan in place provides customers with so many more options that a non-policy holder would have. This includes coverage for a rental car, lockout assistance in case a customer breaks, loses or locks their keys inside of the car. Royal offers protection for new, leased, pre-owned vehicles as well as 24/7 roadside assistance. All of the packages-primary, preferred, premium, and ultimate-offer different levels of protection.

The Extended Service plan was created in order to cover the cost of labor, parts, and sales tax on qualified repairs. Customers can rest assured that their claims will be paid as the company is backed by 25 years of experience as well as one of the best insurance companies in the nation.

If a customer ends up stranded because a component of their car has failed, Trip Protection coverage will take care of the customer’s covered component that has failed. The plans cover any component that has failed due to mechanical failure. If the vehicle needs to stay overnight at a repair shop, customers qualify to receive a rental vehicle. If the customer is more than 100 miles away from home, their overnight stays and meals are covered up to $75 per day. A policyholder can take advantage of any number of these benefits at any time. People have depended on the Royal Protect policy for more than 25 years. Issues are resolved quickly, from roadside assistance to mechanical breakdown.

Coverage extends throughout the United States and into Canada. With the protection plan, an unlimited number of claims can be made on the vehicle. In the event that a policyholder decides to sell the vehicle, it’s simple to transfer the coverage contract to the new owner. If possible to get an extended automobile warranty when a customer purchases their car or they can get it at a later point in time.

Michael Shaftel is responsible for making sure that Royal Protection always puts the customer’s needs first. Shaftel, Royal Protection Auto Plan’s CEO, has made public statements about the company’s online portal access to free quotes. The portal allows customers access to free quotes by providing basic details.