What’s Next For Liberty Auto of Ocean New Jersey?

What’s Next For Liberty Auto of Ocean New Jersey?

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While people sometimes worry about the overall health of the automotive industry, business is good over at Liberty Auto Protection of Ocean New Jersey after a stellar 2017 helping to save money with automotive needs.

So good in fact that the company has been shattering both its monthly and annual sales records. While Liberty has long been known for their extended warranty and service plans for customers in the Garden State, they have always offered this same level of affordable coverage to clients in other states as well.

Recently, however, Liberty has seen a massive acceleration in demand for their services from customers all over the country, and the Eastern Seaboard in particular. This explosion of interest seems to be rooted in twin factors. First off is the steady growth of the Liberty brand name, which may have finally reached the take-off point as it gains national market penetration and recognition. The second is the superior product offered by Liberty to its customers.

Because they are clearly outperforming their many competitors in the field of extended service agreements, this would seem to indicate that Liberty is doing a better job of threading the needle of profitability that comes from properly balancing the interests of their dealer network and of the car buyers who ultimately require these optional service packages.

Another factor may be traced to the rise in car leasing programs. As these vehicles come off lease and are moved out as used cars, the purchasers understand that complex modern automobiles require complete coverage against systemic failure– however unlikely. The costs of such an unwelcome phenomenon happening to someone who is not properly hedged against such an eventuality could be staggering. With Liberty’s long familiarity with one of the country’s most demanding and competitive markets, it is easy to see how they would have the knowledge to craft an appeal that resonates with dealers everywhere.

For auto dealers, providing their customers with Liberty Auto Protection as part of the final sale means that they and the buyer are both going to be completely assured of satisfaction. The dealer is certain that Liberty will stand behind its promise 100%, while the customer goes home knowing that they never have to worry about massive car repair bills ever again. Better still, both of them will enjoy these advantages at a price that is apparently blowing the industry away, at least to judge by the approaching-exponential growth of Liberty’s customer base.

With such an astounding 2017 in the books, one can only wonder as to what sort of spike 2018 is going to bring.

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