What to consider when driving trucks for construction zones

What to consider when driving trucks for construction zones

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Our capital is full of works and construction zones throughout the year and drivers of heavy trucks should be prepared for it. Whether you have managed for many years or recently you’ve gotten your license, these tips presents you below are important reminders that allow you to reach your destination safely.

Expect the unexpected in construction zones

Keep in mind that traffic rules can change if there is construction in the area, from a reduction in speed limits to a change of traffic lanes. Therefore, you should pay close attention to traffic signs placed by the workers.

Meets indications signaler work

In all construction area will be a signaler, which will have the same authority as a traffic signal and you could be fined if you disobey his orders. So, stay alert and be prepared to follow the directions of the signaler of the work.

It takes ten seconds to change lanes

Bright panels with arrows or signals “closed lane” mean that soon, all vehicles will have to go through only one lane. Do not go fast to the point where the lane and then try to get you to the force by which it is still available closes.

To change lanes when you are driving a heavy truck, it takes ten seconds to do: turn on the turn signal lamps at least three seconds before changing lanes and uses the other seven to finish completely switch sides. Yes, always seeks review mirrors.

Drive slowly

Note that a truck traveling at 90 km / h travels 26 meters per second. If you travel at this speed on the road and you come across a sign that says “works to 450 meters,” you will come to the construction zone in about 17 seconds. Check out UsaRim to upgrade your Chevy truck.

Do not drive too close to other vehicles or other objects

One of the most common when driving through construction zones is the rear-end collision accidents, caused by driving too close to other vehicles. When heavy trucks are handled by these areas, it is best to leave seven seconds braking distance between your vehicle and it is in front of you. Also, keep a safe distance between your truck and traffic barriers, construction equipment and workers themselves.

Sal earlier to get to your destination on time

Note that you will delay you more than estimated when passing through a construction zone. If you know that the road you transporters present work, your route plan ahead so you can reach your destination in a timely manner.