Two Ways to Distinguish Your Auto Dealership from your Competitors

Two Ways to Distinguish Your Auto Dealership from your Competitors

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Auto dealerships are a cutthroat business with everyone competing insanely for the same small sample of possible customers in their area. Whether it is using local celebrities to pitch for your dealership or making the best offers in your newsletter, dealership marketing can be a dog eat dog competition. If you want to succeed, you need to find a way to have locals know and love your brand. You have to stand out from every other dealership in the area, and do it in a way that doesn’t make your brand look cheap or untrustworthy.

Since these are both concepts very strongly identified with auto dealerships in the past, using smart marketing techniques that identify your dealership as the place to go for a new or used car can be critical for the success of your brand. Here are three ways you can use the tools already at your disposal to make your dealership the one everyone thinks of when they are ready for that next new or used truck or car.

Think Creatively

So much of what is out there for car dealerships is the same old thing. We have all seen a thousand car dealer ads of happy couples driving off into the sunset. What do you have to offer that is unique and makes good use of everything you have and more? Sometimes you have to get your thinking outside of the box to come up with new and creative ideas that truly represent your dealership. Does your competition market to the same demographic that you do? Maybe it is time to look at what niche markets are being ignored and target your marketing to those important but forgotten markets.

Look at new and exciting ways to market by moving beyond the traditional concepts. How about getting involved with the local community college and set up student first buyer programs on campus? You can motivate them by hosting car washes for the local high school teams that will soon be on those campuses and seeing your program offers. Think outside of the traditional young family marketplace to reach out to a variety of places and possible clients.

Tell Them About Your Value

As you already know, there are a wealth of dealerships out there in your own territory. When anyone starts to think about buying a new or used car, how do they distinguish you from all the other dealerships in your area? Most dealerships have something they take pride in; you need to market that value to the world, or at least to your neighborhood.

What kind of special add-on value do you offer to your neighbors when they walk into your dealership. It could be your no-haggle pricing or your smart and well-informed sales staff. It might be that your customer service that is no only helpful but cheerful about it and are known to go the extra mile for all your customers. When you are telling your story online, in social media and with other marketing you need to include these as part of the value you offer.

Marketing your extra values are a big part of telling potential customers what kind of a dealership you are and what separates you from the herd. To many looking for a new or used car, dealerships are all the same and they will often choose based on price or model. But you can offer more to them with incredible customer service, state of the art technical support or maybe even a personal connection to the community. Tell your story, let them know what makes your dealership special and let that difference shine in all your marketing.

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