Things You Should Remember when Importing Cars from US to Canada

Things You Should Remember when Importing Cars from US to Canada

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Canadian citizens may have known of the regulations and policies that cover the importation of cars from the United States to their country, However, for those of you who do not know anything about these regulations, this article is especially crafted to give you an idea on how cars are brought through andother shipping companies to the Canadian soil.

  • What law allows the importation of US manufactured cars to Canada? – The Motor Vehicle Safety Act has given permission for vehicles that are bought in the US to be imported to the country as long as there is complete compliance with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • What types of vehicles can be imported? – The Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards allow all types of regulated cars and other vehicles to be brought to the country. These vehicles should have been designed to adapt to the public roads.
  • Which vehicles with modifications would be admitted? – As indicated in co, the following can be permitted: a motorcycle which was turned into a trike; a cargo van turned into a camper; a vehicle with additional suspension lift kit; a vehicle especially crafted for disabled access; a lengthening vehicle; and a vehicle refitted with a different body kit.
  • What is the difference between Canadian and American safety standards? – Both countries have their own safety standards for vehicle use. These are aligned within the requirements of the Transport Canada. These regulations also cover anti-theft immobilizer features, daytime running lights and clutch interlock manual transmission.
  • What permission is granted to damagevehicles? – Vehicles that have been salvaged or damaged beyond repair will not be permitted to enter Canada. states that some imported vehicles can be branded for as long as the damage is not related to flood, the vehicle is less than 15 years old or the manufacturer compliance is granted after the 1st of January 1971.
  • What fees are entailed with the importation of vehicles? – Aside from immigration charges, the Canadian government has allowed for the Registrar of Imported Vehicle (RIV) program to charge certain fees as this governing body does not receive any fund from the government. The fees collected are used to conduct inspection network to more than 500 stations and to operate 7 days a week including the utilization of a helpline.

Importing cars from one country to another is intricately taxing. Car owners are advised to check on the regulations of the countries where they intend the vehicles to be imported.

Author Bio: Earl McGee has previously advised for international and domestic car importation and shipping. Certain services mentioned in us2canada.coare options discussed by Russell that has guided hundreds of importers to date.

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