Things You Need to Tell Your Lawyer after Car Accident

Things You Need to Tell Your Lawyer after Car Accident

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The first few minutes after a car accident are the most crucial. You need to check yourself and other passengers for injury. Then, you need to talk to the other party involved. The police will come and conduct an investigation. There might even be arguments about what really happened. But after the initial investigation, what should you do?

Things may become a blur an hour after the accident has happened. That is why you need to write all valuable information related to it. It’s much better if you can get your own copy of the police report. Then, you need to call a lawyer.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The car accident might be small and insignificant. However, no matter how uncomplicated it may look, it can still have lasting effects. If you are not careful, you may end up facing a personal injury case. Car wrecks are not always small. A car crash in Houston or any other state can be massive. For cases like this, you are absolutely required to call an attorney as the legal consequences are usually grave.

What to Do During the Meeting with the Lawyer

If you’ve written all the necessary information about the accident in a paper, then you need to present it to your lawyer. Pictures of the incident are much better evidence. Explain to your legal advisor what has happened. You need to be honest, as he is only there to help you. Failure to report valuable information can cost you money.

What to Tell the Lawyer

Here are the most important things that your lawyer needs to know about the accident:

  1. Time: It’s good if you’ve managed to look at your watch at the time of the accident. If not, you can make a rough estimate.
  2. Location: Where exactly has the accident occurred? Were you at an intersection or a median? This information is important to determine the cause of the accident.
  3. Road condition: Determine whether the road was wet and slippery. Debris lying around on the street can also cause an accident.
  4. Number of vehicles involved: It is not uncommon to find a wreck that involves more than two vehicles. List down the plate numbers of all those involved in the incident.
  5. Traffic condition: Was it a rush hour? Was the other vehicle running at a stoplight? These details are essential.
  6. Persons involved: Was the other party driving under the influence? Did somebody said “sorry”? If you can, ask for the personal information of all people involved. Names and phone numbers are important.
  7. Medical care: Was anybody injured?  Did anybody call the hospital? How serious were the injuries? How much has been paid to the doctor so far?

Sometimes, the lawyer might ask for more information that will help shed light as to what really happened. If the information asked is not in your paper, try hard to remember it by memory. You can also ask other people present at the scene of the accident.


What you tell your lawyer will affect how your case will go. It’s in your best interest to trust the lawyer and tell him everything you know.

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