The Most Important Winter Checks for Your Car

The Most Important Winter Checks for Your Car

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Every year as winter approaches smart car owners make a thorough check of their car to ensure it will get through the winter months with a minimum of fuss. In addition to these checks, getting a good tune-up along with a thorough detail car wash Houston car owners know are simply a smart investment in your car.

When it comes to being ready for winter, you can’t be too smart or too ready to face it head on with a car that is ready to go. Here are eight checkpoints you can do on your own in addition to the tune-up and detailing that will ensure you car is ready to face winter.

  • Fluids – Check all fluids thoroughly and make sure it includes engine oil, brake and transmission fluids as well as the power steering fluids. Don’t forget to add anti-freeze to your radiator and check that your windshield washer fluid is topped up as well.
  • Belts and Hoses – These can become dry and brittle in the summer months, especially with the hot summers that Texas can see. Make sure none of them are cracked or on the verge of breaking.
  • Batteries – It is easy to forget to check your battery, but you should check its levels at least once a year and now is the perfect time. Winter can be hard on your battery so check now to be sure it is ready to handle everything you ask of it.
  • Brakes – There is nothing quite as terrifying as finding out on a snowy winter night when the roads are icy that your brakes aren’t quite up to snuff. Have the brakes, rotors and drums all checked before the roads turn icy.
  • Engine and Exhaust – It never hurts to have your engine performance checked to be sure it is all it needs to be before winter hits. Low emissions and fuel use along with balancing power is going to be important this winter. Make sure as well that all pipes and exhausts are working right, aren’t broken or hanging and nothing is leaking.
  • Heating and AC – While you may not think of checking your air conditioning before winter, it is all connected to your heating system which may be vital this winter. In addition, your defrosting will work from this system, and that could be a big safety factor for you in the coming months.
  • Tires – Many people think of checking tires at this time of year as it is often a time to change them up to winter treads. But even with all weather tires, now is a good time to check for tread depth, bald spots and making sure the pressure is right. Your tires will be even more important to you in the coming months, so making sure they are in top condition now could save your life later.
  • Wipers and Lights – These two systems could make the difference on whether you are seen or can see in the coming months, so check them out thoroughly. The heat of summer can leave wipers cracked and working poorly, so replacing them before winter is always a good bet.

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