The financial smartness of buying a second hand car in Mumbai

The financial smartness of buying a second hand car in Mumbai

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Are you sick and tired of using your same old car? Then it is best to sell the old one at the earliest and upgrade to a new one. Finding a good buyer of your choice is not an easy ball game. Similarly buying a used car in good condition is a difficult task too. But for people living in Mumbai, this job has been simplified by Truebil.

What is Truebil and why is it helpful in the car trading process?

A team of dynamic professionals who are young and extremely knowledgeable about cars, formed a company named Truebil, for serving and helping anyone interested in buying and selling of used cars. Truebil not only makes the process of car trading easy, but also takes care of the authenticity of every deal.

You just have to visit their website, and register yourself with an account. After that you can browse through their collection of used cars in Mumbai, and select the one you like the most. The company then takes care of the rest. Truebil also helps in finding you the potential buyer for your old used car as per your preferred criteria.

What are the USPs of Truebil?

This company is like a breath of fresh air for people living in Mumbai, the unique service benefits they offer are:

  • Properly hand inspected and non-accidental used cars are only sold through Truebil website.
  • They inspect the cars and list them with true score. The more the score, better performance you can expect from that particular car.
  • By verification and inspection of the car, the company decides on what should be the price of the used car.
  • Truebil never charges any kind of commission from the sellers or the buyers for helping them out with their deals.
  • The company properly verifies the profile of the buyers and the sellers, so that you can be sure about the authenticity of the entire deal.
  • The service after buying and selling process is also handled by the company.
  • The entire paperwork, with paper transfers and other necessary processes are taken care of by the company.

In details, how does Truebil work in getting you a good reliable buyer for your good old car?

If you are tired of petty, then probably it’s time you get rid of them. Agents charge at least 2% from the amount you sell your car in. For providing you with the knowledge of exact valuation of your used car, Truebil experts fix a preferable date to visit you and inspect your car. After the inspection procedure is done, they suggest you about the pricing, with your complete permission they then add your car to their online catalogue.

In the catalogue, they add the details of the car along with a unique truescore based on the car quality and performance, on the score of 5. When they get a buyer, they initiate your meeting with the buyer and complete authenticity. After your successful meeting they initiate the total paperworks related job and are with you till the deal is done.

Truebil is a true savior for people in interested in buying used cars in Mumbai

Whatever may be your budget, while investing on a used car the most important point which comes to our mind is the performance of the car.Truebil makes it sure to help you find the best car. In their catalogue you find the used cars which are hand inspected and reviewed by their team of experts. After choosing the car of your choice, Truebil fixes your meeting with the seller for complete negotiation on one to one basis. Then after the deal is fixed they also take care of the paperwork. When the total transaction is completed, Truebil also helps you with after sales services.


Go to Truebil website, register yourself just now and login to explore the magical world of selling and buying of used cars with smart handling of finances. Hence, Mumbaikars, Truebil should be your true call for everything related to used cars in Mumbai.