The eco-friendly, powerful and awesome propane scooter

The eco-friendly, powerful and awesome propane scooter

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Benefits of the Progo 3000 scooter

ProGo represents a startup based in Los Angeles and it is possible that they have created the perfect commuter vehicle for personal needs. It’s known as the ProGo 3000 scooter, and it has already become famous for its excellent mobility due to its weight of a mere 35 lbs. 40 miles take just two hours to be covered by this great piece of machinery – and then you just swap the standard cylinder of propane with a fresh one and can hit the road again.

It’s true, the ProGo 3000 runs fully on propane, which enables you to safely operate the scooter indoors or any other places in which using gasoline powered vehicles is forbidden by law.

As any purpose-built ultra-modern device the ProGo 3000 looks just great. At the same time, whether you want to go around town or use it to commute on a regular basis, its 25 cc propane engine will be sturdy enough to whisk you anywhere needed.

The handle is foldable, which makes the scooter easy to carry and store. Do not be tricked by its elegant appearance: this little beast of burden is capable of carrying no less than 275 lbs. Not only is it pretty neat, but also super-safe: both front and rear wheels feature high-quality disc brakes – and this braking system is just what you need to handle properly the scooter’s weight-bearing capacity.

Propane-powered Progo 3000: the benefits of propane

Aside from stoves and residential central heating, propane is universally used as a fuel for oxy-gas torches – but is it cheaper or safer to power a scooter with it?

First of all, this fuel is a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing, and, usually, there is plenty of it available in most urban areas. It’s way more economical than oil – the selling cost of propane amounts approximately to $2.37 per gallon.

What makes it such a great choice for powering scooters is its boiling point of 44°F (42 °C); as soon as propane is released from its pressurised cylinder it vaporises and is ready to set the pistons in motion.

Due to its being biologically inactive, propane is a clean fuel with low toxicity. Also, you will never see propane – if liquid propane by any chance leaks, it immediately dissipates into the air.

As for the question of the scooter’s ease of handling, you will find a satisfying answer on the map. These days, it’s super easy to find a refill station since they are rather numerous in big cities and urbanised parts of the world.

You might like to look for the opportunity to buy a propane scooter at this website. With its top speed of 20 mph and a distance range of up to 40 miles per full propane canister, you will be as mobile as you like. All-in-all, these are just very basic reasons why the Progo 3000 is a must-have.