Six Tips to Consider when Buying a Used Car

Six Tips to Consider when Buying a Used Car

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If you are planning to purchase a used car, finding the right vehicle can be challenging because of the many options to choose from. And aside from the look of the car, you will have to consider a vehicle check to ensure the car runs properly. To make sure you get the right used car for you, consider the following tips.

Determine How Much Car you can Afford

If you are thinking of taking out a loan in order to pay for the car, ensure that you pay your car less than 20% of your take-home pay. Spending less is even more important if you have a tight budget. With used cars, you may have to spend on maintenance and new tires.

Know what you are Getting

If you are looking to purchase a car which is less than five years old, think about the certified pre-owned (CPO). This type of vehicles comes with long-term warranties backed by the car manufactures and the dealership. To meet your needs and stick with your budget, make a list of three vehicles and choose the right one for you.

Check Vehicle Prices

New car dealerships have a used-car section where you may find your desired car. But you can also check out cars and prices at used-car retailers and lots. Expect CPO cars to be pricy.

Don’t Forget Car Insurance

In a lot of dealerships, you will be required to present proof of insurance before you can buy a car. If you are purchasing a used car from a private party, keep in mind that you will have to be insured before driving the vehicle.

Use Many Used-Car Marketplaces

There are many websites out there that can help you find an inventory of used cars. To know the vehicle you want, you will have to use features of their websites where you can search factors that include the price and features of the car, its odometer as well as how far the dealer is from you.

Have some Self-Control

After finding a great car to buy, avoid running out to see it. It is best to contact the seller first. This allows you to build a good relationship with the seller and verify information on the vehicle. If you are purchase a used car from a dealership, you will want to ensure the vehicle is still in stock.

Drive the Car Like you Own It

Instead of a few minutes of spinning around the block, inform the salespeople that you will test-drive the car for 45 minutes. This allows you enough time to take the vehicle to the highway and on some potholed roads where you can test its structural integrity.

Check the History Report of the Vehicle

A vehicle history report is an important document you may have to obtain even if you are getting the car from a friend. In case the vehicle you are considering buying has a bad history report, you will be able to know sooner.

Providers of vehicle history reports can disclose essential information on the car that include whether its odometer has been rolled back or has been declared a complete loss by an insurer. In order to obtain this information, you may need the license plate number and the vehicle identification number. Check out for more information on this.

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