Important Things To Remember While Importing A Motorhome To Australia

Important Things To Remember While Importing A Motorhome To Australia

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If you are planning to see Australia, the east coast, the west coast and the entire country, the best way to do that is to travel in your own motorhome. While you can choose to buy an Australia-made motorhome, there is also an alternative to import one because you can get some additional features to suit your requirements better.

Here are things you should know and consider while importing a motorhome to Australia.

By far anything older than a manufacturing date of 1st January 1989 can be imported to Australia barring through a Registered Automotive Workshop who are compliant for the specific motorhome you are looking for. You can hire Dazmac Logistics for importing motorhomes into Australia.

Registered Automotive Workshops don’t try to get compliance on motorhomes due to their great variety. Almost each one of them is different. It’s way too expensive to do it; they are not like a Chevy or Dodge Truck which are basically the same.

You can get a vehicle complied and converted to right hand drive if it’s anything older than 1st January 1989. If you are bound by this rule, you should purchase the best available during that time. And it was the diesel pushers, meaning a rear engine diesel. These are constructed on bus chassis and sit much higher than a regular motorhome since they ride on 22.5 in Rims and Tires.

As all bus chassis have the engine on the backside near the rear wheels and by far easily comply with the 60% overhang rule of Australia, there may be hardly anything that didn’t comply, whereas 90% of the front engine motorhomes won’t comply since they are constructed on truck chassis.

Brands like Executive, Monaco, Hawkins Motor Coach, Elite, Vogue, Country Coach, Holiday Rambler and Rockwood all have diesel engines like Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit. These brands range from 32 to 40 feet in length and cost from $200000 to $300000. They are ideal motorhomes for travelling in Australia and will last forever with you.

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Budgeting for Your Motorhome

Once you decide to buy a motorhome for travelling in Australia, you will have to budget for the cost of your van and other things, like:

  • Vehicle registration (‘rego’ is an Australian term for this)
  • Roadworthy certificate (RWC)
  • Insurance
  • Any mechanical checks you may need to do before purchasing

All Australian states have different rules. It’s worth studying all these rules and regulations.

TIP: If yours is a rural address, you will have to pay less for your rego than if your address is of a city.

Regarding insurance, you may want to choose something cheaper that may cover only damage to others’ cars and not your own (third party insurance).

TIP: Removing the windscreen excess that comes standard may be a good thing to do since just one stray stone can devastate not only your day, but also your money.

An updated RWC is compulsory for the transfer of ownership. Don’t purchase a vehicle that doesn’t have one, unless you are a mechanic. Ironically, the RWC only ensures that the safety features of the vehicle are in a good condition, and not the engine.

TIP: Get a complete independent mechanical check done, making sure electrical and gas compliance plates are up-to-date too.

You will only require a car license if your motorhome weighs below 4.5 tonnes when fully loaded. So, you are fine unless you will be having a very big motorhome.

Things to Look for in Your Motorhome

A secondhand motorhome which has already done some kilometres will obviously have some character. You will have to calculate the repair costs if any and any issue that you can’t fix.

Considering all these details will definitely help you in finding a motorhome that will offer you maximum fun of your travel. Just like for motorhomes, you can hire Dazmac Logistics for importing boats from USA. Take their help and make your journey unforgettable with the best motorhome.