How to Maintain your Car Tires and Wheels to Last Longer

How to Maintain your Car Tires and Wheels to Last Longer

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People usually forget that one of the most important parts of the vehicle which needs regular cleaning and maintenance are the tires and the wheels. You might be considered lucky to have availed of discount tires and wheels in Capitola from but the luck should not end there. These products are meant to last longer for those who know how to treasure and take care of them. Here are a few ideas you should know about to understand how your wheels deteriorate and what can you do to prevent the costly deterioration.

The Brake Dust

Brake dusts are considered an eyesore. Most car owners never ever dreamt of having their tires decorated with these. Brake dust form when the brake pads squeeze onto the rotor while the car is in a halt. The pad wears won due to pressure ad heat that was applied to the small metal fittings of the rotor. The dusts then turn into rust and damage the wheels as they corrode.

The Wheel and Rim Types

Knowing which type of rims and wheels you are using will help you choose the right cleaning products for them. Common cars have steel rims which are generally coated black. These are preferred to work well in snow because they could bite harder and induce better traction. However, these types of rims have lower performance and could affect the center gravity of the vehicle. As this happens, the vehicle decreases in acceleration and handling abilities are affected in time.

Aluminum alloy is also another material used in rims due to its versatility. Aluminum alloy is lighter compared to steel. Aside from that the material is also more aesthetically appealing. Alloys are finished in many ways like machined, chrome plated, polished or painted. These types usually require milder detergent and cleaners to preserve the coated finish.

Auto Detailing

In order to achieve the maximized benefits from discount tires and wheels in Capitola from, you need to know the importance of auto detailing clays as part of your cleaning routine. Auto detailing clay is created to scrape off the contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust, tar and tree sap. Detailing clay is used safely to non-porous surfaces like metals, plastics, mirrors, glass and paints. Detailing clay will provide the smooth finish in wheels after the cleaning process.

The Cleaning Armors

The best cleaning and maintenance done to any wheel or tire results from the right materials and supplies used. As a rule, you should have an assortment of brushes. Soft brushes are great not to hurt the rubber and painted surfaces. Small brushes can be used to reach out for edges and spaces which big brushes could not get through.

Two different buckets of warm water will be needed. One will be used for soap and water mixture while the other should be prepared as a rinse bucket. Soak the brushes onto the mixture of soap and water for a few minutes then use these to brush off dirt from the wheels. Soaking will help soften the bristles to prevent scratching surfaces of the different parts of the car as well.

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