Difference in Working of Traditional Exhaust System and Exhaust Headers

Difference in Working of Traditional Exhaust System and Exhaust Headers

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An exhaust header has been an after-market automotive part. It has been designed to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle. However, a small gain in performance assisted by an exhaust header has been deemed imperative to acquire high performance. Various drivers, who often make other modifications to their vehicles to enhance speed, would make use of mandrel bends. These modifications entail the installation of larger intake vents for the engine. An exhaust header modifies the exhaust system for preventing backpressure. It implies that the cylinders would not have to work as hard for pushing exhaust out as they do in the traditional manner. Different types of exhaust headers have been made available in the market based on the requirements and need of the drivers. Some have been tuned for low performance and others have aimed at high performance on the open road.

Traditional Exhaust System 2

Working of traditional exhaust systems

In any conventional exhaust system of the car, the cylinders combust and tend to push the exhaust out into the exhaust manifold. It would route the exhaust out of the vehicle through the exhaust pipe. Nonetheless, the exhaust manifold could create a backpressure that would push against the cylinder. It implies that it has to exert additional energy for pushing the exhaust out and preparing for the next firing. Consequently, some efficiency could be lost.

Traditional Exhaust System

Working of exhaust header

An exhaust header has been known to work differently. Essentially, it would create a small exhaust pipe for every cylinder along with routing the exhaust to the centralized collector. It is much larger. The pipes of an exhaust header have been bent to fit under the hood. It would cut to the similar length so that the exhaust gases would be able to arrive sequentially in the collector as and when each cylinder fires. This would eliminate the backpressure problem along with allowing the cylinders to operate in a more effective manner. However, for best performance, you would be required to use ss bolts to fit header tabs.

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