Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Vehicle Transport Company

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Vehicle Transport Company

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Vehicle transport companies have been a great means to transport your car nationwide. With the growth of the population, several new auto transport companies have opened in the recent times. These companies have been providing car transport to their local markets. With plenty of several new companies, entering the field you would be required to be extra careful in choosing the right company for your needs and requirements.

Find list of local auto transport companies

Foremost, you should locate a list of local auto transport companies available in your area. A good place to start would be online. There has been plenty of shipping vehicle directories to provide local listings. You could also search online on popular search websites. This should assist you in pulling up between three to five companies in your area. In case, you do not find any online, you could always fall back on the reliable phone book. When you have your list of possible service providers, it would be time to move on to the next step.


Ask the right questions

When you start calling your list of car carriers, it has been deemed imperative to ask the right questions. You should start by asking whether they have been licensed and have requisite insurance. They would mostly tell you the State or some local municipality has licensed them. Any reputable auto transport would have insurance, as it has been required in most states. This would also let you know what type of outfit you have been dealing with. Now that you have verified insurance and licensing, you should ask for a quote along with what methods of payment do they accept.


A majority of places would accept cash and all major credit cards. Keep in mind that plenty of vehicle shipping companies would need a deposit to reserve your spot on the car carrier. Moreover, in most cases, payment would be given in full prior to dispatch. When you have some quotes along with having talked to some service providers, it would be time to choose what company to go with. Generally, few people would go with the cheapest rate. However, it has a good idea to go online and see if you could look up reviews of the company. This would save you considerable time and money.

Ask where to drop your car

Finally, ensure to ask where you would be required to drop off your car. Mostly, it would be at their local business. However, at times, they would have a special terminal. A majority of companies would drop your car off to a second terminal, at your point of destination. In case, you require them to drop the vehicle at a particular location, ensure to clear this with them, as every auto shipping company would have their own unique set of rules and regulations. You should be prepared to pay extra for this service as well.


Keeping this guide as a general outline along with a little research of your own, you should have no problem locating and choosing the right vehicle shipping company customized to your needs and requirements.