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A German guy known as Rapp Motoren Werke, within the outer parts of Munich, first established BMW in 1913. Nevertheless the initial companies core business was at creating aero plane engines and finally Rapp left to create Bavarian Motor Works the BMW we all know today.

It had been in 1928 that BMW created their first vehicle in the Munich factory. The very first vehicle was the BMW Dixi and also the top speed was just 50mph, a lengthy way in the fast cars BMW produce nowadays. The very first vehicle was successful along with a more recent version was released in 1932 and in most over 19,000 Dixi’s were created in the companies Munich factory.

However, following the initial success occasions were challenging for BMW as a direct consequence from the The Second World War as all BMW’s industrial facilities have been destroyed and BMW endured from the 3 year production ban enforced consequently that BMW created rocks and bombs throughout the war. In 1951 BMW created their first vehicle following the World War however as the majority of Germany was still being inside a recession the model didn’t sell over 500.

Within the intervening years BMW released a variety of other models and every would be a further success around the one before. Today BMW has a variety of top cars. The BMW 1 series is an extremely desirable vehicle having a great selection of safety and security and it is considered among the best outfitted cars on the market at the moment.

The BMW Z4 roadster is among the most widely used contract hire cars within the Uk and you can easily understand why using the superior handling and slim line design the Z4 has excelled. Within the upper finish from the BMW range may be the BMW X3 that is a common sight around the streets of Hammersmith working in london as over 1 / 2 of the Chelsea squad has at some point possessed a BMW X3. The X3 is indeed a animal of the vehicle and provides a obvious sight from the road ahead.

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