7 Deg2-Way Merge Collector

7 Deg2-Way Merge Collector

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The actual concept of merge collector is pretty similar to the theory that is behind the carburetor – Venturi, and in both of these cases, they actually work on the same principle of building the velocity via the venture effect.

The air that is passing through the hourglass-like venture actually accelerates as and when it passes through the narrowest part of this venture and then it gradually slows dow n and then expands as it emerges on another side.This expansion goes on to create the pressure drop, in effect  drawing off air into this low pressure site of this venture and then drawing more via the venture.

In the carburetor, the velocity has an impact of increasing airflow as well as fuel atomization in the header collector; this venture effect betters the exhaust velocity and also the scavenging. This thereby has effects on the intake tract, cylinder filling and also the camshaft timing.

By nature of the design of the multiple-tube header, there is a bigger change in this area as the gases from the main tubes merge onto the collector. This fast reduction in the area actually causes a faster decrease in velocity of this exhaust gas and this reduces the scavenging ability of this exhaust system.

The merge collectors are basically designed for minimizing the change in the area at transition from primaries to the collector.This allows the gases to have the best possible velocity. More air and fuel mixture can actually be pulled into combustion chambers by improvising the scavenging effects of the exhaust. The more the fuel will mean that there will be more potential for power.

There are so many sites that sell 2 way merge collectors and there are many types available. However, the 7 Deg 2-Way Merge Collector321 is one of the best products available in the market. These days, the online stores sell not only fashion stuff, but also mechanical products like header flanges, merge collectors, and more.

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