5 Ways that can help you to get Good Quality used Scooters/Bikes

5 Ways that can help you to get Good Quality used Scooters/Bikes

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The two-wheeler segment in the country is over-crowded with a number of companies launching new vehicles every day in the market. While most people are able to include the new launches in their budget, few of us are not able to do so very easily. The budget constraints are one of the biggest reasons for few people to miss out on latest releases.  However, they can always look up to the second hand scooter/bike segments and can find some absolute bargains depending upon their need.

Buying good quality used bike/scooters can help you save important money. But with a number of different online options to search from, most people are confused from where to get started. Today, we provide you with the best places you can search to get the best deals on used scooters and bikes:

Online Forums

With the age of Internet taking over everyone in the world, it is not that difficult to find something you want across the internet if you know where and how to search. A number of online forums allow the users to post ads to buy or sell their used motorcycles and allow people from across the country to get in touch with each other to discuss stuff related to scooters and bikes. You can always leave a comment or message a second hand bike/scooter seller expressing your interest in purchasing the vehicle and wait for him to contact you back for the same.


The main reason for most persons ditching their current two-wheeler for a newer one is the lack of interest and getting tired of the same vehicle after a certain period of time. Connecting to other riders online through social media accounts may help you find some people who are in the exact position as you and are looking forward to exchange their two-wheelers. Initiate a hands-on swap-deal with them to exchange your vehicle with theirs including all legal documents without having to think about cash also.

Suppose you own a KTM Duke and the person whom you make a contact with person who owns a Mahindra Mojo, you can easily swap the two bikes without having to worry about cash exchange at all. Before this process you must read Mahindra Mojo review carefully.


eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces for searching, buying or selling your used goods or pre-owned items. eBay also has few specialist and dedicated bike/scooter shops which allow you to sell your pre-owned bikes and scooters to them hassle-free. People can also choose to buy second hand owned bikes/scooters in good conditions from such bike/scooter shops. However, it would be better to opt for those sellers who provide you with return policy options in case you are not satisfied with the product you bought.

Classified Ads

Online and offline classified ads also provide you with the best options to buy a pre-owned two-wheeler. You can always keep a look out on the local newspapers and pamphlets for nearby people looking to sell their bikes and scooters. Also, you can keep a look on a number of online classified sites to cater to your need of buying a pre-owned scooter or bike.

Specialist Provider

Search for dedicated shops nearby your vicinity who deal with buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. They can provide you with a number of options to choose your second hand bike or scooter from. Try to go for trusted brands that are well-respected in the market and not local retailers as you could easily go with a brand’s advice and they would have probably checked the vehicles for defects and problems earlier also. Make sure you also check on the potential problem on the bikes they own. To learn more on what features various bike can have and how to check on them, you can also have a look at our Mahindra Mojo review and compare them with the bike/scooter you are planning to buy.

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