4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Used Car Sales Tactics

4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Used Car Sales Tactics

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Choosing a used car is far more difficult than choosing a new one. Opting for the right car according to the budget may need some time, but it is really worthy spending. Decide the specific model you want to buy so that your hunt will be little easy. Here are some tips that will really help you with the purchase, whether you are looking for second hand cars in Mumbai on loan or full-cash.

Set a budget, which is the most important aspect before deciding to go for a used car. Always take the help from a financial expert or a loan expert – even a friend or relative with money-management skills will do. But never rely on a broker to buy a used car – it is a wrong idea. Many brokers work for used car dealers. So, always research about brokers and if possible ask for references before dealing.

Estimate the value of the used car. A seller may ask any amount, but be wise enough to check the mileage, age, condition, and the affected body parts and then decide if it is worth paying.

Make a checklist and ask all possible questions about the vehicle keeping in mind every silly question. Do your homework as in check all the reviews by people with the help of internet.

Have the courage to walk away at any point of time if you are not happy with the deal. There are open options available in the market. You may also visit some other dealer in order to get your car.

Never try to show off your cash or never reveal about the cash you have or are willing to pay. Sellers are very cunning. They are not there to educate you about cars, but they are there to sell the cars. Salespeople often change the topic when asked for the age, reason for selling, price etc. So, stick to the topic and ask all these questions thoroughly.

Never be in a hurry while buying a used car even if you need a car immediately because salespeople love this type of customers as they don’t inspect the car properly and the main thing is that they never negotiate. It’s the duty of salesperson to say “Take your time”, but it is a part of the game. If the process is going too fast, then tell the salesperson that you will come another day as the car you want is out of stock and walk away.


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